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For us, quality means the milk is processed at our plants into high-quality dairy products with lots of experience and competence.
This way, we are able to offer a wide range of delicious products for daily consumption and any time of day.




The largest share of our cooperative members lives and works in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia.
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out and about in the region

We collect milk from the farms every day. Care, experience and reliability are a matter of course for us when it comes to transporting valuable milk.


Caring well for the cows as well as conserving the cultural landscape are important to our milk suppliers.


Following tradition, the farmers in our cooperative pay attention to maintaining and conserving cultural landscapes. Going on holiday at the farms allows people to see the work on the farms for themselves.

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Fresh products

Hochwald fresh whole milk 3.5 %
Fresh whole milk 3.5 %
Hochwald Fresh low-fat milk 1.5 %
Fresh low-fat milk 1.5 %
Fresh whipped cream
Sour cream
Long-life products
Hochwald Long-life whole milk 3.5 %
Long-life whole milk 3.5 %
Hochwald Long-life low-fat milk 1.5 %
Long-life low-fat milk 1.5 %
Hochwald Long-life whipped cream
Long-life whipped cream
Kaffeeglück 12% fat
Kaffeeglück 4% fat
More products and brands
Hochwald ice coffee and ice chocolate
The ice duo
Hochwald ice coffee and ice chocolate - cans
The ice duo - cans
Hochwald Ice macchiato, Ice cappuccino, Ice mocca - cans
Coffee Shop
Yella on bread
Happy Drink 3-pack
Happy Drink
Confiserie Mousse



While the farms in our cooperative may vary, they all have one thing in common. When producing our milk, our farmers pay attention to maintaining and conserving cultural landscapes according to tradition. Some even offer holidays or tours at the family-run farms. This special kind of interaction brings farmers and interested people together, facilitating common understanding. It provides visitors with the opportunity to get to know local dairy cows and even enjoy close contact.

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Every day, we give it our best to produce high-quality dairy products. The farmers of our cooperative farms as well as our employees at the dairy plant safeguard and promote sustainable values – including for future generations. This commitment forms part of our DNA. Sustainability is becoming more and more important in the dairy industry and is an integral part of our company philosophy.

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Our Brands

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