Almost 9,000 people work on the cooperative farms that form part of Hochwald Milch eG. Every day, they provide for the wellbeing of 92 cows per member farm on average. More than 82 % of our farmers demonstrate voluntary commitment in some form.




The cows are well looked after on our member farms. Our farms also traditionally consider the conservation of cultivated landscapes.

The milk produced here is further processed in our Hochwald plants into high-quality dairy products, with a high degree of experience and competence.


From small farmers to “millionaires”

The Essich family uses innovative solutions.

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On the way to the future

Everyone’s talking about sustainability, environmental protection, and CO2 neutrality. This is also happening in the Mörshausen district of Homberg. 

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Schäfer family has a steadfast eye to the future

At the Schäfer family farm, generations work hand in hand for a secure future.

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Our Brands

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