With revenue of around EUR 1.97 billion and 2.17 billion kilograms of milk processed every year, we reach many people around the world with our milk products including evaporated milk, cheese, drinking milk, milk powder and yoghurt.

By investing in sustainability, our plants as well as our employees, we secure the future success of our company.

With a passion for international business law and enthusiasm for legal tasks, I would like to contribute my part to our success.

Lucas Röck, Thalfang

The flexible working hours are perfect for my personal situation right now. They allow me to stay up to date with complex topics.

Kerstin Follmann, Thalfang

You learn how to do your tasks from scratch; I was already very much aware of this during my training at Hochwald.

Markus Kerpen, Kaiserslautern

I can put my skills to full use here, with lots of free scope for me and close exchange with others.

Timo Heinen, Thalfang




As a cooperative company group, Hochwald is distinguished by its internationality as well as its focus on exports. We are a team of qualified employees. Across our different locations, we work together on a range of interesting tasks. Moreover, we have extraordinary training vocations such as dairy technologists.

hochwald as an employer


We assume responsibility for our employees based on our philosophy as a cooperative dairy company. Hochwald is distinguished by collective agreements, fair pay and occupational pension provision. Sustainability is a priority for us. For this reason, it is the task of our managerial staff to support and encourage employees in their further development. This is a central concern for us, as is the respectful treatment of each other.

Hochwald thrives on its great collaboration – across all departments and locations. It’s not only in times of crisis that we stand together with our cooperative members for the basic provision of valuable food products.


Our locations are characterised by agricultural settings which are also well-known as holiday regions. Here you can work and enjoy the nature in your free time. Many who move to other regions for a while eventually return.

Our Brands

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