Publication notice

We provide the images contained in our press image archive as well as product images free of charge exclusively in accordance with the following conditions and only for use as part of current press coverage (including weekly to monthly magazines and media). Any commercial use of the image material is prohibited without exception, excluding purely editorial/journalistic use.

Reference obligation:
When using the image material provided, we must be duly referenced as a source in the direct vicinity of the image (© Hochwald Foods GmbH).

No image editing:
The editing of images is only permitted in the case of size adjustments for the editorial piece (proportional size changes), insofar as this is absolutely necessary. In individual cases, further image editing is permitted where a change is technically required for the specific publication (e.g. black-and-white presentation instead of colour presentation for black-and-white newspapers), insofar as the image is not merely used in part, stretched, shrunk or otherwise transformed or deformed. In all other cases, editing requires our express consent in writing (email suffices).

Free specimen copy:
Following any publication of print media containing image material provided by us, Hochwald Foods GmbH must be promptly provided with a free specimen copy. In the case of films, a digital copy in a commonly playable format must be provided on a generally readable data medium. Where the image material is used online, Hochwald Foods GmbH must be promptly provided with the exact URL of the corresponding website and granted access to the website.