International brands

Internationally, Hochwald offers a great variety of brands with a high-quality product range. Some of the international brands are Bonny, MANA, MILCOW, Happy Day, MiMi LAiT, STARMILK and Golden Royal.

For those you love.
Rich in important nutrients, the premium brand Bonny has stood for quality since 1968 and only provides the best for the whole family. » to the brand website

Time for pleasure.
The quality brand MANA provides pure milk enjoyment for special moments.

Adds health to your life.
Rich in calcium, vitamins and carbohydrates, the Milcow brand is particularly popular with sports enthusiasts and health-conscious people.

Makes your family smile.
Happy Day is the brand for young and old alike, with fun milk products.

Le vrai goût du lait frais.
The condensed milk from the traditional brand MiMi LAiT stands for German naturalness and quality.

The best choice of milk.
Starmilk, always a good choice, offers high-quality milk products for every area, whether it’s household kitchens or the food-service industry.

Feel the Royal taste.
The unmistakable flavour of Golden Royal condensed milk is due to the high-quality of fresh cow’s milk.

Poppy´s Kitchen

Where homemade food matters.
Quality products for home cooking and home baking - for all who love pampering family and friends with passion and value good quality food.

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