The marketing and sales activities for the cheese business division are united under the umbrella of the Cheese Business Unit. Cheesemaking has been a tradition in the Hünfeld facility since 1893. With its specialisation in the manufacture of Pasta Filata, a type of scalded cheese, which includes Mozzarella and Kashkaval, among other cheeses, Hochwald has optimally tailored its range to the customers' requirements. Aside from Hochwald's own brands Ramonte, Ramontino and Caciottino, private brand articles for retail in Germany and overseas, as well as items in large blocks and pre-formed products for industry and bulk consumers, are created. For instance, you can find Hochwald cheese on frozen pizzas from renowned manufacturers, as well as in the ethnic retail sector in Germany. Production of high quality cheese is being expanded further at the Hünfeld location.


Hochwald has a diverse range of cheeses for industry and bulk consumers worldwide. Hochwald provides mozzarella and Pasta Filata in a package size of 2.5 kg or 4 x 2.5 kg for subsequent processing (sticks, slices, grated cheese, etc.). The cheese sticks with a diameter of 43-100 mm can be consumed hot or cold and have an ideal browning behaviour under the grill. Shock freezing at - 40 °C makes it possible for the cheese to be stored for up to a year at - 18 °C.


Hochwald provides cheese specialities with a variety of taste nuances and properties, achieved through variations in fat content, dry matter and salt. These can be produced in various sizes and types of packages. After it has been coated with wax and ripened, the Pasta Filata is used extensively in both hot and cold dishes. Both the Pasta Filata and the Kashkaval bring Mediterranean variety and holiday feeling into the kitchen. With their mild flavour, both cheeses  enhance and perfect meals.


Hochwald is a full-service provider for cheese, from development through to the design of product ranges. We can boast many years of co-operation with a number of our clients, and we have made a significant contribution to our clients' success with high-quality products.  Do you have any questions about our products and services? Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Step 1

The milk is heated in the finisher and enriched with rennet and lactic acid bacteria. During this process, whey is removed from the curd.

Step 2

The curd is steeped in approx. 80 °C hot water. Finally the mass is processed into a soft, mouldable dough by mixing, kneading and stretching it.

Step 3

The cheese mass is once again stirred, kneaded and stretched and poured into the required forms in ripening moulds.

Step 4

The mass is separated into even pieces. The shaped cheese is placed in a cold water bath with brine.

Step 5

After drying, some cheese specialities are covered with a preservative wax layer in a wax bath.

Step 6

Finally, the cheese is shrink-wrapped in plastic.

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National Dairy Products

National Dairy Products

National Dairy Products

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National Brands

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