Family father, farmer and chairman of the Executive Board of Hochwald Milch eG. How do you reconcile all that? With good organisation and great conviction. Both are currently needed more than ever, since the course towards a successful future for Hochwald will be set in the coming years with the implementation of the strategy.

Lots of travel was necessary in order to answer the many questions about the strategy. “The farmers have the right that we take all their questions and concerns very seriously,” Peter Manderfeld says. For this reason, the Board of Directors as well as senior management spent much time on location, explaining and presenting the background to the new strategy. “The positive outcome at the extraordinary meeting of representatives shows the power of our cooperative.”



The farm, which the Manderfeld family manage in its seven generation, has been in family ownership for over 250 years and has changed significantly over the course of time – in spite of all continuity – and has adjusted to the needs of the times. “As a dairy farmer, I am nowadays not only an animal expert, but also equally a businessman,” Peter Manderfeld explains. “The calculator is an essential piece of equipment to determine precisely where which costs arise.”

Peter Manderfeld reveals why he runs his farm as a member of a cooperative in a single sentence: “I am cooperative through and through.” The idea of Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch and Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen – now intangible world heritage – continues to strengthen the individual members of the cooperative. “Together, we can represent our interests and shape our future far better. After all, we are owners of the cooperative and have direct influence over what happens in our company.”

Raising further awareness for the cooperative idea. Undoubtedly, some decision-making processes within a cooperative may be longer than in other kinds of companies. But the cooperative offers a different advantage: once made, decisions are typically sustainable since all stakeholders are involved. “While we may be heterogeneous as a cooperative, we pursue our goals with all the more unity. We want to offer consumers high-quality and natural products from the remarkable raw material of milk. And we wish to do so at a fair price for the consumer and producer.” Peter Manderfeld has been committed to continuing to further strengthen the cooperative idea with its benefits in the 21st century. “We surely need to promote the idea that we are all owners of our Hochwald.”

Evaporated milk practically no longer makes it into the shopping baskets of young consumers; this target group prefers ecological and lighter products. Like natural yoghurt for breakfast muesli. By contrast, the share of ready-to-drink products is steadily growing. “These are trends that we need to recognise and respond to,” Peter Manderfeld is convinced. “We are milk specialists and have the ability to offer our customers high-quality products. We need to play this trump card.”

Family man, farmer and chair of the Board of Directors: these are essentially three full-time occupations, which Peter Manderfeld brings together as a single person. Anyone who talks to him understands how he approaches the individual tasks. All without appearing stressed. On the one hand, it’s his love for his work. For him, there is no better job than a dairy farmer. On the other hand, it’s a family that helps and supports him, even if they are left with more work from time to time.

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