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We have made press photos on various topics available in this section. Please read the publication note.

Condensed milk production Hochwald Foods Thalfang Germany
Condensed milk production» Download
Cheese production Hochwald Foods Huenfeld Germany
Cheese production » Download
Condensed milk production Hochwald Foods Thalfang Germany
Condensed milk production» Download
Laboratory Hochwald Foods Thalfang Germany
Laboratory» Download

Detlef Latka, Chief Executive Officer
Detlef Latka, Chief Executive Officer» Download
Thorsten Oberschmidt, Chief Operating Officer
Thorsten Oberschmidt, Chief Operating Officer» Download
Thilo Pomykala, Chief Sales Officer
Thilo Pomykala, Chief Sales Officer» Download
Managing directors of the Hochwald Group
Managing directors of the Hochwald Group» Download

Milk delivery Hochwald Foods GmbH
Milk delivery 2018» Download
Export Rate 2018 Hochwald Foods GmbH
Export Rate 2018» Download
Sales Development 2018 Hochwald Foods GmbH
Sales Development 2018» Download

Bärenmarke Dairy products
Bärenmarke» Download
Bärenmarke Dairy products
Bärenmarke» Download
hochwald Coffee Shop» Download
hochwald ice coffee and iced chocolate drink
hochwald Iced Coffee | Iced Chocolate» Download
hochwald Dairy products - Hochwald Foods Thalfang
hochwald» Download

Publication note

The photos in our press photo archive are made available by us free of charge, provided that the following conditions for use in daily press reports (including weekly or monthly magazines) are complied with.

Duty of notification:
When the picture material provided is used, reference must be made to us in the direct vicinity of the picture as a source in the customary manner (© Hochwald Foods GmbH).

No editing of images:
Images may only be edited if their alteration is urgently required for technical reasons for the specific publication (e.g. black-white images instead of colour images for black-white daily newspapers or proportional size changes) as long as the image is not only used in part, stretched, shrunken or otherwise modified or deformed. In all other cases, images may only be edited with express written permission (including email).

Free specimen copy:
After each print publication that contains images made available by us, Hochwald Foods GmbH must immediately be provided with a free specimen copy. In the case of films, a digital version must be provided in a customarily playable format on a commonly readable storage medium. If the relevant image material is used online, Hochwald Foods GmbH must be immediately informed of the exact URL of the corresponding website and given access to this website.

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