Preparatory classes for refugee children
The proceeds collected from the prize wheel activity featured as part of the Fun-Mobile amounted to 15,000 which Hochwald is donating again this year to Herzenssache, the children's relief charity of SWR, SR and Sparda Bank. Since 2005, the company Hochwald has been supporting the initiative to support aid projects such as pre-school classes for refugee children. The total sum was collected throughout the year while operating a prize wheel from the Hochwald promo vehicle which featured at events such as Rhineland-Palatinate-Day and Hessian Day. For 50 cents, both young and old get the opportunity to spin the wheel on the Hochwald FunMobile promo vehicle and win exciting prizes.  One of the projects which the children’s relief organisation Herzenssache supports is the preparation of school-age children at the refugee reception centre in the city of Lebach in the Saarland. With over 3,000 refugees, the facilities of this reception centre are at full capacity. Through the SKIPPER Project, children are included in language courses as well as leisure and sporting activities to prepare for their transition into school. These early offerings are an important key to integration. That is why Herzenssache is helping to finance a language teacher, educators and social workers as well as an interpreter who can assist approximately 350 children and young people from refugee families in preparing for school.