​​​​​​​Attention coffee lovers!

rend meets expertise! Bärenmarke is now offering chilled iced coffee in handy to-go cups

Germans love drinking coffee. And it’s much more than just a drink – coffee is about lifestyle and enjoyment! It isn’t just hot coffee that is popular either; more and more people are turning to chilled coffee specialities. Iced coffee is a global trend and the first rays of spring sunshine signal the start of the iced coffee season.

When it comes to iced coffee, Germans prefer to-go cups. This deposit-free packaging format with immediately drinkable contents makes it easy to enjoy delicious coffee on the go.

With this in mind, established market and innovation driver Bärenmarke has expanded its product range in the iced coffee segment: chilled coffee goodness is now also available in cups.
The combination of fresh, full-bodied Bärenmarke milk and aromatic Arabica coffee offers the perfect treat for when you're on the go. The new range includes the favourite coffee varieties latte macchiato, cappuccino and espresso, providing the right intensity for every coffee lover!
To be kind to the environment, the deposit-free 200 ml cups come without an additional plastic lid. The innovative double lid with integrated drink opening guarantees hygienic, drip-proof and sustainable enjoyment.

The cup range expands Bärenmarke's successful iced coffee line-up and opens up the brand to new consumers. All three new products are now available in stores. A multi-stage activation package, centred around a high-reach TV campaign with over 320 million contacts, will be launched at the beginning of June to accelerate awareness and demand for the new range.

Overview of the full Bärenmarke iced coffee range:

  • NEW ‘Latte Macchiato’ 0.2 litre cup
  • NEW ‘Cappuccino’ 0.2 litre cup
  • NEW ‘Espresso’ 0.2 litre cup
  • ‘Iced Coffee - Classic’ 1.0 litre carton
  • ‘Iced Coffee - Classic’ 0.5 litre carton
  • ‘Iced Coffee - Classic’ 0.25 litre can
  • ‘Fresh Iced Coffee - Latte Macchiato’ 1.0 litre carton
  • ‘Fresh Iced Coffee - Cappuccino’ 1.0 litre carton