Bärenmarke now offers a plant-based alternative:

Say “Hello” to Ohne MUH!

The wait for plant-based milk alternatives of Bärenmarke quality is finally over!

Nearly 90 % of people in Germany consider dairy products to be a natural part of their diet.[1] Conventional fresh milk still constitutes the largest single category among such products in Germany. However, in addition to major demand for milk and dairy products, almost half of German households are now turning to plant-based milk alternatives, and this trend is set to continue unabated. From May 2023, Bärenmarke will be offering its new plant-based range under the name “Bärenmarke Ohne MUH!”, making it the first and only dairy cooperative to offer a complete range of plant-based alternatives comprising six items.

Ensuring a healthy and sustainable diet for yourself and your loved ones is a key factor in almost every purchasing decision. Yet the demands placed on the products have become more demanding over the course of time: Plant-based alone is no longer enough; taste and quality need to hit the right notes too. Be it for the eyes, nose or palate: The crucial thing is for the plant-based alternative to taste like conventional milk – or as close to it as possible.

With more than 110 years of successfully producing high-quality milk products to look back on, Bärenmarke has virtually unique expertise and there’s a good reason why Bärenmarke is the market leader when it comes to fresh milk. Based on this expertise, it has now been possible to offer the familiar Bärenmarke indulgence in a plant-based form.

[1] Milk initiative, 2022.

“Entering the market for plant-based beverages with our Bärenmarke brand is a major milestone for us as a dairy company! Bärenmarke has always stood for more: more taste, more indulgence and more attention to detail. To honour the responsibility for our brand and the trust we are shown by our consumers, we have analysed the market very carefully to ensure that we can offer products that are truly developed to meet consumer needs. Our sustainable, promising concept and exceptionally tasty products are the cornerstones of this market launch”, explains Thilo R. Pomykala, Chief Sales Officer at Hochwald Foods, “We can say with confidence: Our strong Bärenmarke brand now also offers plant-based alternatives.”

From May 2023, there will be six Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! products on the shelves: Ohne MUH! 1.5 % and 3.8 % (same fat levels as cow's milk), iced coffee, and cocoa in 1-litre packaging as well as ready-to-drink iced coffee and chocolate drink in a 250 ml can.

„“Our goal was to offer a sustainable, promising, and authentic overall concept. Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! is the logical step in the contemporary development of our brand and the consistent reflection of the successful items in our dairy range. Bärenmarke or Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! will ensure we have the right product for every taste in future”, says Rebecca Keuter, Head of Marketing at Hochwald Foods.

With Ohne MUH!, Bärenmarke is the first mixed player to also offer a complete plant-based range of milk alternatives and oat-based mixed drinks. Developed in-house and all produced in our own production facilities. The new Ohne MUH! 1-litre range is filled in SIG's innovative Vita packaging, which ensures optimal handling for the consumer thanks to its distinctive, modern packaging shape.


Be it with muesli, in coffee, for baking or on the go: Ohne MUH! guarantees the consumer an indulgence-filled experience in true Bärenmarke quality – at any time and on any occasion.

All products offer full indulgence, are purely plant-based, vegan certified (V-label), and thus lactose-free. They are free of preservatives and produced without the use of GMOs. Not forgetting that 100 % Arabica coffee is used for the iced coffee and the cocoa/chocolate drink varieties contain only ‘Rainforest Alliance’-certified cocoa.

The launch of the new Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! range is being supported by a wide-reaching, national TV and online campaign, flanked by placement at the POS with eye-catching advertising material for the shelves and sales-promoting secondary placements, among other things.

Overview of the Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! range:

  • Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! 1.5 % in 1-litre packaging
  • Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! 3.8 % in 1-litre packaging
  • Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! Iced coffee in 1-litre packaging
  • Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! Cocoa in 1-litre packaging
  • Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! Iced coffee in a 250 ml can
  • Bärenmarke Ohne MUH! Chocolate drink in a 250 ml can