Mechernich is taking shape. How the new site is evolving.

Right now, the first building elements are shooting upwards and the site’s structure is already clearly visible. The main roads on site are tarmacked and the “container villages” for the project team, general planner and construction companies have been set up. The number of people on site is steadily growing and will exceed 500 at peak times.

Parallel to the site’s development, a lot of work has so far gone into process technology, filling technology, intralogistics, control systems, technical building equipment, energy and utilities, water and waste water. The production planned for the new site forms the foundation for this work. Now it’s time for the implementation phase. The site’s initial capacity is designed for a milk volume of 800 million kg per year and can be increased further if there is future demand. The capacity of the milk reception area and the cleaning facility for milk transporters are both aligned with this. The hall for the filling lines can already be seen stretching into the sky and the palletising systems downstream of the filling lines as well as the highly automated transport systems taking finished goods to the high-bay warehouse are already in the process of being implemented. An integral part of the new facility is the energy centre, where the steam generator, compressed air station and cooling system are being installed. It is a complex undertaking to supply all utilities in the required quantity and quality to all areas of the site.

In addition to the general planner, the Hochwald project team has a pivotal role to play in the implementation of the project. For the next few months, construction work will form a focal point of the project; coordination of the various activities will be challenging. The expertise that Hochwald has at its disposal is invaluable for this process, helping us to achieve optimal results and to continue making the project a success.

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