A unique, light Greek-style flavor

The new yogurt creations from Elinas promise maximum flavor with just 0.1 % fat.

Elinas is Germany’s favorite Greek-style yogurt and embodies Mediterranean cuisine, lifestyle and flavor more than any other brand. The extraordinary creaminess, fresh taste and wide variety of delicious flavors have made Elinas a wildly popular brand for fans of yogurt. With its new line, Hochwald Foods is now actively addressing people who make a conscious choice to live a low-fat lifestyle. 

Does less fat mean less flavor? Not with Elinas!

Those who know Elinas will be surprised how close the new Elinas 0.1 % fat variety is to the original. You really have to pay attention to taste the difference. The secret is Elinas’ special yogurt cultures. These are what give the new product its delicious creaminess and typical flavor despite the low fat content. Whether on its own, with fresh fruits or as an ingredient for Mediterranean cooking, Elinas 0.1 % low-fat is the lightest yogurt with the most flavor.

Elinas 0.1 % low-fat yogurt will be first be available in natural as well as the popular honey and blueberry flavors. All three products have less sugar than typical Elinas yogurts. The natural variety has a protein content of 7.5 g per 100 g, while the honey and blueberry flavors have 6.3 g of protein per 100 g.

Elinas 0.1 % low-fat yogurt will be available to buy from June:

  • Elinas 0.1 % low-fat natural; 4 x 150 g multipack
  • Elinas 0.1 % low-fat honey; 4 x 150 g multipack
  • Elinas 0.1 % low-fat blueberry; 4 x 150 g multipack

Visit www.elinas.eu for more information.