On-the-go and convenience trends

Hochwald Foods GmbH, the 2nd biggest German dairy cooperative who produces high quality milk products has recently increased its efforts of targeting consumers for on-the-go dairy products by presenting new concepts of milk drinks and coffee in convenient portion packages at the ANUGA in Cologne starting October 5th until October 9th. As daily life becomes busier and fast-moving with people tremendously spending more time out of their home, consumers’ desire of convenient and on-the-go products drives companies to search for new ways to keep pace with changing consumer behaviour and demand. As one of the main players for specialised dairy products like evaporated and sweetened condensed milk, Hochwald Foods GmbH has been constantly analysing and adapting to changing consumer behaviour within the dairy sector. Beyond their longstanding core competence they have been increasingly investing in and expanding their expertise in ready-to-drink (RTD) concepts such as RTD coffee, drinking yoghurt and convenient drinking milk formats serving new healthy and convenient dairy categories. One of the main dairy categories driving future growth within the on-the-go trend is drinking yogurt. The category has gained the attention of many busy consumers as it offers a healthy and still filling on-the-go alternative. Indeed, worldwide, drinking yoghurt has been amongst the top three dairy product categories with an expected annual growth rate of more than 8%, driving significant growth in the dairy industry. Especially in China drinkable yoghurt is expected to grow by nearly 3.5 mio. metric tonnes in the next five years, based on findings of Euromonitor. To answer the increasing demand of nutritious, small and affordable alternatives, Hochwald has introduced an own drinking yoghurt in convenient 200ml Tetra Prisma Aseptic packaging with straw in different flavors. Another category accelerating consumer demand for on-the-go products is led by RTD coffee. According to Euromonitor, RTD Coffee is expected to become one of the fastest growing food & beverage categories in Western Europe aiming towards consumers’ needs of convenient, indulgent and healthier and natural energy boosting products. Being one of the most dynamic segments, RTD coffee not only accelerates competition and new business entries but also provides the opportunity of product differentiation by innovation. After carefully analysing and observing market dynamics Hochwald Foods GmbH has successfully enhanced its already established competence in the RTD coffee segment by introducing a nitro infused coffee in a 250 ml metal can. By adapting new innovative flavours, recipes and formats Hochwald aims to keep pace with changing consumer behaviour and new consumption occasions.   As one of the main exporters for UHT milk products to China, Hochwald has been leading the German exports of convenient milk packages in 200ml addressing Chinese consumers’ demand. Besides plain UHT milk in convenient packages, fortified milk has been driver for functional food in Asia, especially addressing parents with young children in the transition phase from infant formula to regular milk. Recently, Hochwald started with a new concept of 200ml UHT milk enrichedwith vitamin A and D meeting the rising demand for convenient and functional dairy products. Hochwald Foods will be present at the 100th anniversary of the Anuga in Cologne exhibiting their wide range of high quality milk products and introducing new concepts for portion packages and on-the-go products. For further information meet them in Hall 10.1 Booth E011/ F010.