With sites in Germany and around the world, Hochwald has a local presence and is close to its customers. The milk, which is delivered as a raw product, is processed at production sites in Germany and the Netherlands. The production sites are in the cooperative's direct milk catchment area. This includes almost the whole of Rhineland Palatine, Hesse, Saarland, areas in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine Westphalia and Thuringia, as well as areas in Lorraine in France, in Luxembourg, in the Netherlands and in Austria. The production sites are geared towards a product group and are specialised to enable more efficient processing.
The subsidiary AHL Distribution S.A., located in Belgium, markets shelf-stable products in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. The sales office in Dubai, Hochwald Foods DMCC.

Identitätskennzeichen (IKZ)

IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Erftstadt

 DE NW 402 EG


IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Hünfeld Käsewerk

DE HE 012 EG

Hünfeld (Käsewerk)

IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Hünfeld Trockenwerk

DE HE 30913 EG

Hünfeld (Trockenwerk)

IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Hungen Milchwerk

DE HE 007 EG

Hungen (Milchwerk)

IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Hungen Trockenwerk

DE HE 002 EG

Hungen (Trockenwerk)

IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Kaiserslautern

DE RP 221 EG


IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Thalfang

DE RP 254 EG


IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Lüneburg

DE NI 53053 EG


IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Weiding

DE BY 13150 EG


IKZ Hochwald Foods GmbH Bolsward

NL Z 0874 EG


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